When it comes to insomnia, there are varying degrees of severity. In our experience, the effectiveness of CBD oil for insomnia will largely depend on your desired goal. Vaping CBD oil works faster so you fall asleep QUICKER. CBD oil tinctures or capsules stay in your system longer to help you STAY sleep. You may need to combine both for best results. Any of the oils, capsules, vapes and edibles listed in our directory can be used for pain, anxiety or insomnia. Choose your preferred method of intake below:

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CBD Might Help Sleep

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the key cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant. It relates to your endocannabinoid system which helps your body keep a standard of balance and stability. Some anecdotal evidence and research suggests that CBD can also help you get a fine and restful night’s sleep.

Are you considering utilizing CBD oil for insomnia? Do you’ve questions about effectiveness, safety, and particularly, legality? So, keep reading to get the complete scoop on how to utilize CBD oil for sleep or insomnia.

What does studies show about Cannabidiol and Sleep?

To know whether CBD can enhance sleep, we first have to know what causes incomplete sleep. Several things can cause you to sleep poorly. According to a study, poor sleep can be caused by:

  • Mental health issues, such as depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and anxiety.
  • Medication that can disturb your smooth sleep-wake process
  • Caffeine, particularly when consumed late in the day or night
  • Physical issues, such as restless leg syndrome and chronic pain
  • Many environmental factors, such as an uncomfortable bed or loud noises

cbd for insomniaIf your bad sleep is caused by related conditions or external factors, hemp extract for insomnia might help by treating the causes of sleeping concerns.

“Research Trusted (RT) Source (published last year), looked at whether or not CBD could enhance sleep or decrease stress or anxiety. The research involved around 72 subjects, with 47 experiencing stress and anxiety and 25 experiencing bad sleep. The subjects were all given 25 mg of CBD in a capsule daily. In the first month, 79.2% of the subjects reported lower stress or anxiety levels and 66.7% reported much better sleep.”

“According to Gallup, more than 14 percent of US citizens say they utilize CBD for insomnia products with 11 percent telling us it affects the sleep assistance (20 percent for anxiety and 40 percent for pain).“

Another study tells us that it affects the sleep process. Another study from the Trusted Source looked at 4 patients with Parkinson’s problems. It found that CBD enhanced the indications of REM sleep behavior disorder, a problem in which individual act out their dreams.  RBD is connected with bad or worse sleep and sleeping nightmares.

A review in 2017 also noted that it might be useful in treating RBD and shows much potential treating excessive daytime insomnia, which may also be helped by CBD. A 2014 RT source found that it’d have the strength to promote wakefulness, based on both animal and human research.

CBD oil might help treat:

  • Grogginess

  • Causes of sleeplessness

  • Excessive of daytime tiredness

Here is what you need to know about CBD for insomnia…

How does CBD work to make you drowsy? How CBD for insomnia works to help sleep?

Even researchers that conclude that CBD can enhance sleep are not completely capable to explain why this is the reason. Though as discussed above, several studies say that CBD enhances sleep because it tackles the root causes of bad sleep. In the last 2 decades, researchers have discovered the existence of biochemical connection system in the body recognized as the endocannabinoid system.

The complicated network receptors are found throughout the body, where sleep is firstlyCBD FOR SLEEP regulated. We’ve also learned that the human body can produce endogenous cannabinoids which act as messengers of chemicals. The study has found that people might suffer from an endocannabinoid deficiency which displays itself in several different ways, including insomnia.

A few medical experts believe that CBD for insomnia enhances rest by decreasing pain and anxiety, letting individuals relax so their natural systems of sleep can perfectly function.

Can CBD for Insomnia Treat Sleep Problems?

The impact of CBD on sleep might be dose-dependent according to new studies. Studies have emerged showing that lower doses have a stimulating effect, raising insomnia, whereas a strong dose has a sedative effect.

One research involving patients with bad sleep found that a moderate dose of 160 mg increased the full amount of sleep time and reduced the number of awakenings during the night. Another research looking at 2 cannabis clinics, people with sleep disorders as the primary issue, noticed a significant reduction in the amount of time it took to fall asleep.

Short term use of CBD for insomnia might enhance sleep by reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and boosting NREM, slow-wave sleep. Though, it’s vital to note that chronic utilize might lead to habituation as well as dependency, with insomnia being a first withdrawal symptom.

How To Use CBD For Insomnia?

There are several methods for taking CBD. It comes in some different forms, including:

  • Pills and Capsules

  • Edibles, like Gummies

  • Vape Concentrates

  • Tinctures and Oils

Normally, vaping CBD gets it into your body quicker than other methods. Though, there are not many studies on vaping CBD. The dosage of it you use, and the time of day you take CBD, will depend on several causes. Your body chemistry, weight, and the nature of sleeping issues will affect how well it works. What works for a few people might not work for others.

Most clinical trials on hemp oil for insomnia have involved giving the patients anywhere from 25 mg to 1500 mg of CBD each day. It is best to start with a low dosage and gradually boost it until you find something that works for you.

How Much CBD For Insomnia Should I Use?

Research on the most efficient dosage for insomnia has varied, but most researches have agreed that a strong dose looks to work greater. Unfortunately, there’re still no accepted guidelines on the most optimal dosage for sleep that might diminish the longer you utilize it, so you might not wish to use it long-term or daily.

In Shannon’s research, people whose main issue was insomnia enhanced in the first month, but then it slowed down during the next few months.

cbd for insomnia

How Should I Take CBD For Sleep?

Vaping CBD may work quicker because that rapidly gets the compound into your system, but oils, pills and edibles, such as gummy bears, may help you sleep smoothly because they discharge the CBD more slowly.

Safety Concerns & Side Effects Of CBD / CBD for Insomnia, Is It Safe?

A 2017 RT source looked at several safety reports and concluded that taking CBD is a relatively safe process. Side effects are relatively uncommon. Though, you might experience some small side effects.

Possible side effects include,

  • Diarrhea

  • Fatigue

  • Changes in weight

  • Changes in appetite

Keep in mind to use the best quality of CBD. Unfortunately, CBD is not regulated by the FDA. As an outcome, there’re some weak and possibly harmful products out there that are labeled as CBD. While CBD and other treatments can be useful, it is vital to get to the root cause of your insomnia.

Though CBD use is growing in fame, there’s still very small known about CBD safety, optimal dosage and effectiveness. Products are not regulated, so despite claims and labels, it’s very difficult to know exactly what’s in each bottle.

If you’re one of the millions of US citizens suffering from insomnia, you might be desperate for a solution that works. Before using any natural treatment, be certain to speak without a doctor about your particular situation and any present medications you might be taking.

If you do decide to give CBD a try, be certain to take it 30 to 60 minutes before sleep so it has time to take effect.

Finally, is it legal?

Hemp-derived CBD forms are legal on the federal level but are still unlawful below some state regulations. Marijuana Derived CBD forms are unlawful on the federal level but are lawful under few state regulations. So, check the state’s regulations and those of anyplace you travel.

Difficulties With Regulation

Presently, the only FDA approved form of CBD consumption is a prescription oil called EPIDIOLEX, utilized for the treatment of 2 forms of epilepsy.

Possible Danger to Work

One of the most common side effects is sleepiness which could impact employment, safety, including driving to and from your place of work. Depending on the value of THC in the dosage you select, it’s possible to fail drug checking that your employer might require.

Medical Side Effects

CBD used to treat insomnia might interact with other medications including blood thinners, cholesterol-lowering statins and antidepressants. Extremely concentrated CBD oil might impact certain liver enzymes responsible for the metabolism of medicines and could cause interactions with pharmaceutical drugs, either by reducing or increasing their efficiency.