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Secret Nature
Artisan CBD Flower

Organically grown, hand-trimmed and cold cured, their CBD flower is flavorful, potent, and effective. 

  • Offers a variety of high qualify, popular strains including Diesel Puff, Frosted Kush, Secret OG, Blood Diamond, Sour Space Candy, Cherry Cough, Dough Boy, Blood Diamond, Melon Frost & many more.
  • THCA flower and CBD pre-rolls of some of their most popular strains are also available.
  • Sizes range from 3.6g up to 28g (1 oz). 
  • Free Shipping on orders $75+
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Bloomz is the sister store of Binoid, one of the largest and most trusted online brands with over 300,000 happy customers and 50,000 five star reviews. Bloomz features premium full-spectrum CBD hemp flower including: 

  • Delta 8 THC flower
  • HHC Flower
  • THC-P Flower
  • THCA Flower & pre-rolls
  • Grape Zkittles & Monster Cookies (indica); Green Goblin (sativa) and Apple Fritter (hybrid)
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Green Unicorn Farms

Green Unicorn offers legendary strains with curated quality. They do their homework, searching far and wide for the latest and most popular CBD flowers to add to our curated selection of low-THC flower resulting in superior quality.

  • Hemp flower strains include over 20 daytime and nighttime strains, CBG flower and CBD pre-rolls.
  • Strains include, but are not limited to: Lifter, Bubba Kush, Lemon Cookie Dough, Pink Panther, SpecDiesel Indoor, Raspberry Creeme, White CBG, Royal OG, Godfather OG, Lemon Octane, Fruity Tooties, Sour Brulee & more!
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Kushy Dreams

Half ounces and Full ounces of some of the best flower you can smoke.

  • Flower categories include: Relax, Energy, Hustle, Peace, Dream & Create.
  • Luxury CBD pre-rolls
  • Delta 8 & Delta 9 Gummies
  • Check out Sampler Bundle including pre-rolls, CBD flower and THC gummies.
  • Free shipping on all orders over $75

Elevate Right

Elevate offers 3 strains of premium Delta 8 Flower providing consumers with an alternative experience, bridging the gap between CBD-rich hemp flowers and traditional THC-rich cannabis, including:

  • Sour Diesel, Northern Lights & Zkittles
  • The term “Delta 8 flower” refers to the hemp flower that has either been grown to contain higher concentrations of Delta 8 THC or has been treated post-harvest to increase its Delta 8 content.
  • Orders over $99 ship free

Flower + Mushroom Vape

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine the bliss-inducing effects of flower and the raw psychedelic grooviness of mushrooms? Well wonder no longer…this active flower vape is ready to rock your world.

  • Collection includes Blue Lotus for euphoria, Passion Flower for calm & de-stress, Chamomile for peace, Lavender for soothing, Turkey Tail for body boost & Lions Mane for rejuvenation.
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What is CBD Flower?

The hemp bud – the flower of the hemp plant – contains CBD. Once the cannabis plant becomes an adult plant, it descends from the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD flower contains less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, while CBG flower contains several different cannabinoids, including CBD and CBG.

In contrast to THC, which drastically alters your mood and cognition when you inhale or consume it, CBD can alleviate a wide range of ailments, pains, and other maladies without making you feel high. Hemp-derived CBD has become a popular ingredient in natural and therapeutic medicines. Combining CBD compounds with essential oils is often used in massage treatment and other applications such as creams, tinctures, and some edible products.

Despite this, since CBD flower produces near-instant results when smoked, many users prefer to inhale it to enjoy its aroma, taste, and sensations.

CBD Cannabis Flower as compared to CBD Hemp Flower

In addition to describing the cannabis Sativa plants’ makeup, these two names also indicate how the plant is classified. In a nutshell, CBD hemp flower has a higher CBD concentration, while CBD cannabis flower has a higher THC concentration. The compound CBD produces pain-relieving, calming and relaxing effects that promote focus. The psychoactive drug THC produces a psychoactive feeling that results in impairment and a more intense high that can sometimes lead to paranoia or anxiety.

The Sativa plant yields CBD, which has been used for centuries to make textiles, sails, and rope, among other things. Hemp like this has a long history of use in the United States and is grown legally across most of the country as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC and meets other, strict government standards. CBD hemp strains produce medicinal compounds used in products such as tinctures, gummies, and topicals. Hemp flowers with CBD are the kind of hemp buds you can smoke without getting high.

Three types of cannabis produce CBD cannabis flower: Indica, Sativa or Ruderalis. Additionally, when these plants are combined, they can create a wide range of hybrid plants. Compared to CBD hemp flower, CBD cannabis contains significantly more THC, but less CBD. Some CBD cannabis flowers produce mild effects, allowing you to perform the things you typically do, while others can cause drowsiness and help with sleep disorders, including insomnia.

The benefits are the same whether CBD comes from cannabis or hemp, the benefits are the same. The most common adverse effects, such as upset stomach, tiredness, and agitation, have not changed. It does not matter what plant CBD originates from because its chemical makeup remains intact. On the other hand, the amount of CBD you have available for extraction depends on the source. As hemp plants contain a higher concentration of CBD than marijuana plants, they are a more profitable alternative for manufacturers and have fewer legal repercussions.

The key difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD is their legal status. In most states (except for three states), products made from hemp plants are legal (according to the 2018 Farm Bill). By avoiding this bill, it becomes illegal to sell products made from plants containing high levels of THC.

7 Top CBD Hemp Flower Strains

You can see many formulas and creations designed to provide hemp plant-based medicinal support for people globally if you have searched for CBD products online recently. There are many health benefits associated with CBD oil, and it is a hemp extract popular with many people. Creams & lotions, and edible products like CBD gummies, contain it.

Some consumers prefer smoking CBD flowers due to their pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing properties. Cannabis can be a life-changing solution for people suffering from anxiety. Marijuana has varying effects, however. Some strains can cause or exacerbate stress, which completely defeats the purpose of relaxing, winding down and enjoying a calm state of mind and body.

A strain with a high CBD-to-THC ratio is the key to all of those good-feeling benefits. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two main ingredients in cannabis. There is one significant difference between them, but they are very similar.

THC is psychotropic, but CBD is not. Among cannabis’ mind-altering effects are anxiety and paranoia caused by THC. Even though CBD strains cannot act as a cure-all, they have significant benefits, including improving mood, alleviating pain and discomfort, and providing an enjoyable smoke with alluring aromas. Furthermore, hemp flowers have the highest bioavailability of all CBD products, making them stand out on the CBD market.

Several hemp CBD flower strains are available, each with its flavor profile and effects. If you are a marijuana or hemp connoisseur, it is easy to identify strains of marijuana or hemp by their names. Nevertheless, if you are new to smokable CBD flowers, a few clear descriptions can help you select the product that fits your lifestyle and meets your needs.

Buy CBD Flower:

Sweet Cake CBD Flowersweet cake cbd buds

The aroma and flavor of this strain is often described as sweet cake. Users report feeling relaxed or ready for bed after consuming this Indica strain. Featuring beautiful neon green buds covered with orange hairs, you are sure to be impressed with the bag appeal of this strain.

Diesel Puff

Diesel Puff is known for its exotic, spicy and rock-solid buds. It has the same flavor as its famous THC cousin, Sour Diesel, one of the cleanest smokes in our catalog. With aromas of Diesel, Gas, and Earth, as well as hints of citrus and pine, this strain offers a clean, light, uplifting experience.

Frosted Kush CBD

Frosted Kush has a sweet and slightly sour taste with a gassy sensation on the exhale. Red berries and cake frosting combine to create a sweet and sour taste. You will not feel much strain on your throat when you smoke it. This Indica is the perfect strain to wind down your day.

Secret OG

Known for its Indica-dominant effects, Secret OG is a staff favorite and one that brings on sleepiness and relaxation. The buds are silvery green with purple streaks throughout and it has underlying notes of gassy lemons and earth.


Mr. Rainbow is a hybrid strain that displays beautiful bud structures and a unique terpene profile reminiscent of cookies, fruit, and classic cannabis haze. Because of its balanced effects, it is an excellent choice for use during the day or at night. Take a bite.

Dough Boy

This is a hybrid strain is a mild smoke with nutty and creamy undertones. One customer comments that Dough Boy is the best CBD flower he’s ever tasted and that the “smell and taste are fantastic.” He gives Dough Boy an enthusiastic review, saying that if he had an extra hand, he would “give it four thumbs up.”


Bazooka may be lower in CBD than other strains but it makes up for it with a distinctly unique flavor. This Indica smells like bubble bum and fresh baked muffins.

You can find these strains and more at Secret Nature. All their CBD buds are 100% Organic, terpene-rich and high in CBD. 

Their CBD-rich hemp flower is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and can be purchased and shipped nationwide. The THC levels on their CBD is less than the allowed 0.3%.

How Do CBD Flower Strains Differ?

CBD strains are each known for their specific effects. Sleep aids such as Bubba Kush are well known for their effectiveness. In addition to helping with focus, Hawaiian Haze may even boost creativity. For calmness and relaxation, Sour Space Candy and Cherry Blossom can be used and if you are looking for an energetic boost, Sour Lifter may be the right strain for you.

Brands We Choose: How Did We Choose Them?

We based the selection of our seven favorite brands and products on four main factors. Our goal with this article is to provide you with a comprehensive guide that covers different brands and CBD flower strains to help you make an informed buying decision when you are ready to try a new product. For your benefit, we considered the following factors when compiling this list:

  • We took the comments and reviews of CBD industry leaders into consideration. All CBD flower strains undergo rigorous testing by third parties to determine their purity, potency, and safety. The more brands take responsibility for accountability, the more they inspire trust and loyalty among their customers.
  • Upon reading the product descriptions, we were impressed with the level of detail included. Many reputable hemp flower brands provide information on CBD potency and additional information such as expected sensations and feelings combined with descriptions of the scent and aroma produced by hemp flower smoking.
  • Reviews from customers also give us an unbiased look at CBD flower strains – whether available on the brands’ website or social media – so we confirmed the brands’ descriptors matched up with the customer experience as described by verified buyers.
  • Our users’ personal experiences. You can find plenty of information online, but nothing compares to trying products for yourself and sharing our findings directly with you.

CBD Hemp Flower: Is it legal?

buy cbd flowerCBD flower or CBD buds resemble marijuana buds and can be rolled into joints, smoked out of a pipe or bong, and even accompanied by kief for a decisive effect. You might wonder whether smokable hemp flower is even legal to buy and smoke since it often looks like the federally illegal, psychoactive version of the plant.

CBD flower that comes from hemp can be legal to purchase in the United States, as long as the product is hemp-derived. The Farm Bill states that cannabinoids derived from hemp flowers or other hemp parts can be cultivated and distributed provided their THC content is less than 0.3%.

Any cannabis plant containing more than 0.3% THC is classified as marijuana and is a controlled substance. The federal government bans CBD hemp flower and other CBD products containing more than 0.3% THC, no matter how they are derived. Are you traveling outside of the US and planning to take CBD flowers with you? Be sure you are acting within the applicable laws and regulations.

CBD Flower Can You Get High?

There is no high associated with CBD. As a result, when you smoke hemp flower or take CBD flower in any form, you may experience drowsiness or a sense of calm and relaxation that alleviates any pain or discomfort in the body. While some people report reduced anxiety and depression symptoms, others report improved focus. CBD cannot produce any psychoactive effects. Contrary to THC, its effects on the mind and body are mild, but noticeable, unlike its high, which is often so intense that it impairs the user.

Consider the difference between kombucha and an alcoholic beverage; kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol, but it does not cause intoxication. Concentrated alcohol causes intoxication. THC is like concentrated alcohol in this example, while CBD is like kombucha.

If you enjoy smoking, buying CBD flower is perfect for you – there are many strains to choose from where you can find something that suits your needs. Set up your collection and add accessories that make your smoking ritual more enjoyable & sit back to enjoy the aroma, flavor, and effects that make life even a little bit easier.