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Each Delta 9 CBD product on this page is a hand-picked customer favorite chosen to be beneficial for stress-relief, anxiety, or general relaxation.

There are many great ways to ingest CBD & Delta THC together including gummies, tinctures, smokables and other edibles. We’ve listed some of the best below:

Chill Out Gummies

Looking for something to take the edge off? These new Chill Out Gummies from Green Unicorn Farms contain 3 mg of delta-9 THC and 30 mg CBD per gummy. These gummies are formulated to give you a relaxing and euphoric experience with a slight buzz to help you take the edge off. 

  • Assorted flavors
  • High Potency with 30 mg CBD per gummy
  • Get 20% Off Your Order – Use Coupon Code 20LIFE

Binoid CBD + THC Gummies

Binoid by far offers some of the most effective gummies online, particularly their CBD + Delta 9 gummies in multiple flavors. 

  • Flavors include Mango Madness, Black Raspberry and Fruit Punch (taste has improved but most of all they WORK)
  • You get 10 mg D9 & 50 mg CBD
  • Use coupon 15LIFE to save 15% on your order

Secret Nature Pre-Rolls

Secret Nature Artisan CBD has been growing high CBD cannabis for over 10 years. They specialize in high-CBD, low-THC which means all the benefits and none of the common negative side effects like anxiety and paranoia. They feature a variety of flower, pre-rolls and vapes including these THCA CBD pre-rolls which offer an authentic cannabis experience.

  • Full spectrum of cannabinoids & terpenes which come in variety of flavors & effects
  • Made with super premium indoor flower
  • Micro-dose & high-potency options
  • No shake/trim or low quality inputs
  • Seven pre-rolls/pack
  • Use coupon 15LIFE to save 15% on your order

Candy Cloud CBD + Delta 9 Gummies

At Candy Cloud, you are getting premium lab tested products at the best value. 

  • 3MG Delta 9 THC per gummy
  • 25MG CBD per gummy
  • Made with hemp-derived Delta 9 THC & Full Spectrum CBD
  • 30 Gummies per bottle
  • Money Back Guarantee

Secret Nature THCA CBD Vapes

Secret Nature also carries premium THCA live-resin disposable vape pens made with federally legal hemp-derived THCA. THCA converts to Delta 9 THC when heated, so this is truly an authentic, dispensary-grade cannabis product.  

  • 1000 mg / 1 gram Disposable
  • Full Spectrum CBD, THCA, CBDV & more
  • Use coupon 15LIFE to save 15% on your order

Trojan Horse Seltzer

Trojan Horse Cannabis is the first all-natural line of THC-infused products. Their products contain high-quality ingredients that taste great while making you feel amazing.

  • With 10mg Delta 9 and 10mg CBD per can, this 4 pack of seltzers is sure to bring you high spirits! 
  • Violet, Ginger, Cherry, and zesty Lime flavor
  • Also check our their Olympus Seltzer with 50mg THC and 2mg CBD per can
  • Made in the USA
  • Ships to ALL 50 States
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $59


Tre House Gummies

TRĒ House is on a mission to create the best recreational Delta products imaginable. The finest ingredients, amazing flavors & perfect cannabinoid combinations.


  • 10 mg Delta-9 per serving
  • 10 mg full-spectrum CBD per serving
  • Tastes like a combination of fresh peaches & pears
  • 60 Day Guarantee
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75

CBDFx Delta-9 THC Oil Drops + CBD

You’ve probably already heard of CBDFx as they are an older and very popular brand. There’s a reason they’ve been around for a long time. In particular their product line-up which includes these Delta 9 CBD drops which come in 3 strengths: 

  • Choose from 1500 mg, 3000 mg or 6000 mg bottles
  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • 2.25 mg of THC per serving
  • Blueberry flavor
  • Note: They also offer a variety Delta 9 & CBD vape pens
  • Medically-reviewed
  • Use code CBD15LIFE to save 15% off your order

Delta 9 THC + CBD Infused Chocolate Bars

Buddy’s Chocolate Haus features Delta 9 & CBD infused chocolate bars in a variety of flavors. 

  • 100 mg CBD/bar
  • 100 mg D9/bar
  • 10 mg each piece
  • Various delicious flavors include Cranberry Joy, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Crunch, Mint Chocolate, White Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Hazelnut. 
  • Free Shipping on orders of 2+ bars

Unleash the Power of Relaxation with Delta CBD!

Howdy there,

Ever felt like life is throwing curveballs faster than you can swing? Well, fear not, friend! Introducing Delta CBD, the key to unlocking a world of calm and tranquility that you’ve been missing out on.

🌿 Why Delta CBD Products? Let’s cut to the chase – we’re not your run-of-the-mill CBD; we’re the cool cousin that everyone wants at their party. Here’s why:

  1. Full-Spectrum Goodness: We don’t believe in half-baked solutions. Our Delta CBD is chock-full of all the cannabinoids you need, giving you the complete CBD experience.

  2. Fast-Acting Magic: Feeling stressed? We’ve got you covered. Our formula works faster than a cat on a hot tin roof, delivering that calming effect quicker than you can say “serenity now!”

  3. Farm-to-Bottle Transparency: We’re as transparent as a clean window after a rainstorm. Our CBD comes straight from the hemp fields to your bottle, ensuring you get the purest product every time.

💤 Sleep Like a Baby Tired of tossing and turning? Bid farewell to restless nights with Delta CBD. We guarantee you’ll be catching Z’s like a lumberjack in no time.

🚀 Sky’s the Limit with Focus Ever felt like your brain was running in ten different directions? Our Delta CBD helps you rein in that wild stallion of a mind and focus on the task at hand.

🤔 FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions): Q: Will Delta CBD get me high? A: It depends! On the product you buy and the strength. 

Q: How should I take Delta CBD? A: Easy as pie! Just drop a dose under your tongue and let the magic happen. It’s like a secret handshake with relaxation.

Q: Is Delta CBD legal? A: Depends on where you live! Our CBD is sourced from hemp, making it legal in all fifty states. No need to worry about breaking any rules. However, in some places, THC is legal for both medical and recreational use, while in others, they may only be available for medical use.

Conclusion: Life’s a rollercoaster, but you don’t have to ride it without a safety net. Grab your Delta CBD today and let the good times roll! Say adios to stress and hello to serenity.

Don’t just take our word for it; join the Delta CBD family and experience the revolution yourself. Your chill awaits!

To a stress-free life!